CHARLIE THE CAVALIER - Cavaliers of Breeding & Distinction
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the smallest of the English Spaniels.
With a look of constant surprise, its alert nature and charming appearance, be prepared to fall in love!  Cavaliers have an extraordinary will to please.
In some individuals, you may still find the instinct to hunt flowing through their veins, derived from their ancestors.   The Cavalier is soft hearted, happy, affectionate and sporty making them easy to bring up.
These graceful characters are recognised in the following colours:
  • Black & Tan - Whole colour with no white mismarkings.
  • Ruby - Whole Chestnut colour with no white mismarkings.
  • Blenheim - Rich Chestnut markings, well broken up on a pearly white background.  Often you will find the much valued Lozenge mark (a unique characteristic of the Breed).
  • Tricolour - Black & White broken up with tan markings.
Coats should be long, silky and free from curl.  Plenty of feathering and elegant action.  The ears should be long with plenty of feather.
The Cavalier is not difficult to train but with too little attention the Cavalier will become dull and lethargic.  Like all Spaniels, the Cavalier has a slight tendancy to get too fat.  The Cavalier also loses a lot of hair the whole year 'round, not just in the moulting season.  True to type the Spaniel once he has learnt the pleasure of swimming will get into water on every walk, whatever the weather.  The final point may be seen as a disadvantage, others find it amusing, a Cavalier can snore with a passion.
Choosing male or female?
Bitches are often held to be more affectionate, but for a real cuddle you need to look among the males.  The greatest advantage of a Puppy is that you can bring it up your own way.  The Puppy's upbringing is a major influence on its whole character. 
Two dogs?  Dogs get a lot of pleasure from each other's company.  Afterall they are pack animals.  Dogs and children also make a great combination.  They can play together and get great pleasure from each other.  This teaches children how to handle living beings, thus developing a sense of respect and responsibility.
Pedigree/K.C. Registered?  It must be remembered that this is merely proof of descent.