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Charlie the Cavalier ~ Proud to Support Hounds for Heroes.

Hounds for Heroes:

Hounds for Heroes believe that the disabled personnel from the Armed Forces and Emergency Services deserve a quality of life that an assistance dog can bring and with your help we will turn the belief into a reality.

Initially Hounds for Heroes intended to raise £100,000 to buy 5 Labradors, the Puppies on Parade Appeal, these dogs were carefully selected for all the qualities needed to produce excellent assistance dogs. The Charity  carefully select puppy parents to start with this very essential part of their training. After around 15 months the specialist training starts, with a combination of puppy parents and the new owner. All the time the puppies  meeting on a weekly basis to carry out socialisation and specialist training. When the dogs are fully trained the ownership will be fully transferred to the new owner.

The charity is the brainchild of Allen Parton, a disabled Gulf War veteran, whose own experience with a support dog helped him rebuild his life. His dog Endal, who died in 2009 aged 13, could respond to 200 instructions, including loading the washing machine. Mr Parton said he wanted other veterans to experience the same rehabilitation. Mr Parton, of Clanfield, Hampshire, now has a new support dog called EJ, or Endal Junior.

Endal could respond to over one hundred commands and could also problem solve. One day when Allen was struggling to reach up to withdraw money from a cashpoint machine, Endal instinctively jumped up, took the money and card in his mouth and passed it to Allen. On another occasion, Endal demonstrated his ability to react in an emergency. When visiting Crufts in 2001, Allen was knocked out of his wheelchair by a speeding car and left unconscious in a car park. The driver was in a deep state of shock, so Endal took charge and pulled Allen into the recovery position, covered him with a blanket and fetched his mobile phone. Getting no response Endal then left Allen’s side and went to a near by hotel and raised the alarm.

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Supported by Virgin and many others.

This is a charity, close to our hearts, after watching injured servicemen and women serving in Afghanistan on television one evening, all young, around Kevin and my age recovering from loss of limbs.  We were very touched and decided to find a charity so that we, in some way could contribute and help. 

We were delighted to meet a customer, who purchased one of our puppies, who was serving in Afghanistan with the Parachute Regiment.  He enjoyed spending every minute with his family and hoped to be with them over Christmas.  He, like us, was young, fit and loved his family.  We were delighted to meet such a wonderful family.  

We personally like the Dog Tags, Calendars and walks you can get involved in to raise money for this Charity.  Please take a look at their website, and see for yourself.

We have sold many a puppy to families experiencing problems with their children.  One little boy, having moved to Wales from Cornwall was finding it difficult to make friends and was being bullied.  We were delighted to hear when he and his Mum came to collect one of Charlie's Angles that he had made a new friend called Megan, who had volunteered to help him with his new puppy and take her for walks.  We hope that in some small way, that Charlie and his family helped!

Please visit and see for youself!

Dogs Tags, Calendars etc also available on ebay for this Charity.