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Cavalier Puppies - RUBY BOYS AND GIRLS

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Born to be a companion lapdog, these toy spaniels still retain the sporty nature of their spaniel ancestors. 

If they're not sitting on your lap, nothing makes them happier than to run along the beach or excel in disciplines such as flyball, agility or showing.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels bond well with children and are tolerant of them.  They also tolerate other pets well.  Intelligent enough to be used for obedience work.

We have just three ruby dog puppies unreserved in this litter.  The remaining puppies in this litter were reserved via a waiting list.  They are being lovingly raised as part of our family and are completely adored by all.

Both Sire and Dam veterinary health checked July 2017 with no health issues.

We will need to see a photograph of your lawn/garden area, in order that our puppies may enjoy the outdoors at their leisure.

Diet - To avoid digestive upset, we recommend you keep puppy on the same diet.  Although puppy will leave with a sample of food, you are able to purchase a 15kg bag from us at £49.99.  Puppy will also leave with a bottle of our own Cnwc Spring Water.

Puppies will be Parvo  vaccinated (Primary Course)  and microchipped.  Worming and de-flea treatment will be completely up-to-date on collection. They will also be insured for four weeks with Petplan.  Puppies will also be well on their way to being toilet trained, well socialised and ready for the next chapter in life.

Puppies will leave with their Microchip details, Health Plan information which includes worming and de-flea treatment dates, Insurance documents and Pedigree Certificate along with a sample of food.

£250 non refundable reservation fee secures.  All major credit and debit cards accepted.

DEFRA approved Courier service can be arranged at your own additional cost. 

Delighted to share with you photographs of this lovely litter of Ruby coloured Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies. 

Ruby Dog Pup

Ruby Dog Pup