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Above photograph is of Wilson and Chester, our previous puppies sold to the Spencer Family. you Sharon for allowing us to use this beautiful portrait on Charlie's website.

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Ruby and Tri-coloured Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies available March 2017 Please see the Cavalier Puppies 1 and 2 Page for individual photographs.

We would like to thank  all of our customers for the wonderful photographs, videos  and positive feedback we receive.  We hope you carry on enjoying our Cavaliers as much as we do.  
Picture of Joshua and the lovely Celtic Bella taken 14.8.16.  Thank you Joshua for visiting your puppy.



Thank you Kellie Turner for this adorable picture of Smudge.  One of our previous puppies.

Thanks Bev Crowford for this wonderful shot of Alfie in the Sun.  One of Charlie's Angels.

                                                        George and his Doggie.  Thank you Elaine for capturing such a special moment. 
Charlie is our stunning Black and Tan Dog  who takes care of his Flower Girls (see The Flower Girls page) and produces Charlie's Angels.  He is a quality and excellent Cavalier King Charles type with excellent bloodlines.  He was chosen because of his Quality, sweet nature and good looks which he has passed on to his Angels.  Charlie is available for stud for selected bitches only.  Please contact me for further details.
You can meet Charlie when you come and view one of his Angels and you will be greeted by a very handsome, charming, elegant little dog.
Please contact Kevin or Gwen on
We regularly update our Website.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and chat Cavaliers.  We also have a waiting list for those who prefer to wait or have a special occasion to cater for.
We are fully Licenced by the Council to breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and pride ourselves in breeding healthy, happy puppies.
We reserve the right to change our minds at any time not to sell one of our puppies, if we feel the purchaser is not fit in any way to have one of our puppies.